WildSmiles Braces

Kids can now have braces which are personalized and reflect their creativity.

Nobody likes the idea of wearing braces for a year or more, even though we know that when they come off, a beautiful smile will be the award! The time wearing braces can be equally embarrassing whether you’re a kid, a teen, or an adult. WildSmiles braces can change all that, and make wearing braces fun and an opportunity to express your unique personality!

WildSmiles braces work exactly like normal metal braces; in fact they are normal braces, except for one important difference: The brackets of WildSmiles braces are shaped like stars, footballs and more. The brackets are the part of the braces that go on the front of the teeth. With WildSmiles, you can express yourself by choosing your favorite shape or mixing and matching shapes. There are six shapes you can choose from: heart, star, soccer ball, football, flower and diamond. Whether you’re an athlete, a bling lover or a romantic, there’s a shape for you. You can design your braces tooth by tooth and pick whatever combination of shapes you like.

Orthodontist in Alexandria Virginia WildSmiles Braces

WildSmiles braces are made of stainless steel and work just as well as regular braces to move your teeth. The time you have to wear WildSmiles braces is the same as it is for regular braces too. The only difference with WildSmiles is the shape of the brackets. Unlike some types of “invisible braces” or braces that are hidden behind the teeth, WildSmiles braces work in nearly all circumstances, and just about anyone who needs braces can get them.

“I took my son to see Dr. Lu because we had heard such great things from our family friends. They were so right! My son really enjoyed his time at the orthodontist and was thrilled about the Wild Braces option. We are thankful for our recommendation and will definitely pass it on.”

In addition to being able to choose the shape of your brackets, you can also get colored elastics to personalize your smile even more. Elastics are the ties that attach the brackets to the wire that goes across your teeth. The color of the elastics can make a big difference in the way your smile looks, and because elastics are changed frequently during the time you are wearing braces, you can change your colors often too.

Learn How Easy it is to Get Started with WildSmiles Braces

WildSmiles braces are great for people of any age who want something more fun than traditional braces. To learn more, call our office to schedule an appointment and see if WildSmiles braces are right for your family.