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For the parents and kids that are into the latest technology of orthodontics, we offer self ligating braces! While many children enjoy picking out bright colors for their braces, other children prefer to be a bit more discrete. Instead of elastic colors, self ligating braces are designed to have their own doors that help the archwire guide teeth into place. By not needing colors and elastomerics, they reduce the friction and pressure between placed on the teeth, which can decrease the number of adjustments needed because there are no elastics to replace. With no elastics or ties, self ligating braces are less bulky than regular braces, and less noticeable on your teeth. Standard sl braces are a silver metal color, but sl clear braces are also available for those who want an “invisible” option.

What sets self ligating braces apart from ordinary metal or clear braces is that sl braces are self-ligating. The word “ligate” means to tie. Ordinary braces rely on the use of elastics to attach the wire to the brackets. The brackets of self ligating braces do the ligating themselves; they close around the wire to keep it in place. Self ligating’s slide mechanism moves teeth more quickly than traditional braces, so treatment time is usually shorter.

I was initially hesitant as I get very anxious when going to the dentist, but Dr. Lu helped ease my fears immediately. Not only was he gentle and kind, but his level of expertise really made me feel comfortable. I would definitely return again and recommend Dr. Lu to my friends. Thank you!!!
– James and Rosie, Huntington, VA

Self ligating braces are so well designed that they require fewer trips to the dentist for adjustments, and for many patients they are more comfortable than traditional braces. One of the most difficult aspects of wearing braces can be cleaning your teeth with them on, but because self ligating braces have no elastics, cleaning is easier. There is less chance of food and bacteria getting trapped in self ligating braces. Better oral health while wearing braces means less chance of discoloration from trapped food or tooth decay that can lead to white spots on the teeth when the braces come off.

There are many options to help your child obtain a straight, beautiful smile, and self ligating braces are among these excellent choices. Call us to set up an appointment to talk about self ligating braces and other treatments that can give you straight and healthy teeth!

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