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Children's Orthodontics

Children and adolescents have the majority of their growth still in front of them. They are fun and vibrant, and there is no reason their orthodontic experience can’t be the same! We understand that children may not be extremely excited for their new braces, but the friendly staff at First Impression Orthodontics is committed to providing the best and most comfortable care possible. We go out of our way to make sure your child is receiving the orthodontic treatment they deserve. Our comprehensive orthodontic treatments for children include: traditional braces, Self-Ligating braces and 2 Phase orthodontics.

During early developmental stages, it is important for us to monitor facial growth, evaluate how jaws and teeth fit together, and begin treatment at the optimal time to take advantage of the remaining years of their development. We can influence their growth potential in the direction that we want to create the best possible smiles that can last a lifetime. Beginning treatment at the right age could potentially mean less necessary time for orthodontic care and more time for your child to enjoy their new smile.

As parents and clinicians, we want them to have an esthetic, functional, healthy and balanced smile and bite, however children have different priorities in mind. They want to laugh and smile with their friends without concern or care for their braces. They want to feel accepted and confident about their smile in every moment, and that’s where we come in!

Our daughter was apprehensive about getting braces but was excited to fix her smile. Dr. Lu was sensitive to her needs and explained everything at a level she understood. Now, our daughter is in middle school braces-free while the rest of her friends are just starting treatment!
– Dave, Fairfax VA
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