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Absolutely! Many people were not able to get proper dental treatment at a younger age, so they take advantage of the opportunity later on. There are many instances where proper dental treatment was not available for them many years ago and they are now able to treat their malocclusions. Adults should feel comfortable in knowing that they are not alone, and that their beautiful new smile will do wonders for their self confidence and happiness. It’s never too late for a beautiful smile.
Definitely not. We have seen and welcome people of all ages into our office for gum disease treatment, orthodontics, and much more. All age groups understand the importance of a healthy smile and undergo orthodontics.
There are many options available for patients today that were not available in the past, such as damon and lingual braces as well as Invisalign. These are wonderful options for those who want to be more discreet about their orthodontic treatment and are just as effective as metal braces!
The answer is absolutely yes. Healthy teeth can be moved at any age and many teeth corrections occur exactly the same way they do in children. However, it is still always important to have a consultation with your orthodontist.
Many of our patients are astounded to see that treatment is more affordable now than ever before. Like always, cost will depend on the complexity of the problem and length of treatment required. We are happy to work with all of our patients to ensure that financial concerns are sorted prior to treatment.
Discussing braces with your orthodontist is always the best way to determine necessary treatment. Ultimately, patients want to improve the appearance of their smile. Braces can also be used to address problems such as dental open bites which can make it difficult to chew food properly.
Modern braces are designed to minimize discomfort. You will occasionally feel some manageable soreness as your teeth begin to shift and move, however this pain is occasional and usually lasts a day or two. If you experience severe pain for a longer amount of time, be sure to alert your orthodontist.
Yes, you will have to brush and floss more frequently once you have braces due to the fact that braces attract more food. Plan to brush after every meal and before bed.
Hard, sticky, and crunchy foods should be avoided as often as possible while undergoing orthodontic treatment as it may cause the braces to bend or break.
I was initially hesitant as I get very anxious when going to the dentist, but Dr. Lu helped ease my fears immediately. Not only was he gentle and kind, but his level of expertise really made me feel comfortable. I would definitely return again and recommend Dr. Lu to my friends. Thank you!!!
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