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Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that can straighten crooked teeth without braces. The aligners are clear so they are virtually invisible, and they have several other advantages over braces as well. In some cases braces are necessary, but most people who are looking for straighter teeth to improve their smile discover that Invisalign can work for them.

Invisalign aligners work by gently guiding your teeth into proper alignment. The aligners fit securely over your teeth, and you wear them all the time except when you eat and brush your teeth. You will receive new aligners every two weeks or so during your treatment as your teeth are moving. Invisalign aligners are comfortable, easy to remove and clean and they do not interfere with brushing or eating like braces do because you take them out to do those things.

For adults and teens who don’t like the idea of wearing braces, Invisalign can be the solution. Invisalign can fix crooked teeth that need horizontal movement to make them straight, and most simple bite problems. More severe bite problems or teeth that need to be rotated or moved vertically may require treatment with braces. Invisalign is not suitable for young children, but Invisalign Teen is a special type of Invisalign that is available for teenagers who have most of their permanent teeth.

I went to First Impression Ortho to see what I could do about my crooked bottom teeth. I wasn’t sure what my options were, but the doctor and staff informed me of my options and told me all about lingual and invisalign braces. I went with the invisalign and I am so happy I did. My straighter teeth have already helped my confidence tremendously.
Invisalign is a great option for adults who have always wanted to have straighter teeth but do not want to wear braces. The overall treatment time for Invisalign is usually shorter than the typical 2 or 3 years for braces. The average time for Invisalign treatment for adults is about one year. During the treatment, less dental appointments are required compared to treatment with braces. In many ways, Invisalign is more convenient and more comfortable than braces. If you have always wanted straighter teeth but thought braces were the only way, call us for a consultation appointment about Invisalign. Straight teeth may be easier than you think, in less time and without the embarrassment of braces.

Dr. Lu is a Gold Invisalign Provider

Dr. Lu is highly trained in the latest orthodontic techniques and treatments for pediatric, adolescent, and adult patients. He is a specialist in Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, traditional and self-ligating bracket systems and high-technology wires and appliances. Dr. Lu also has extensive experience with complex cases requiring orthognathic jaw surgery as a former member of the VCU Craniofacial/Facial Reconstruction Team.

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