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Braces are a fact of life for many children. While some cannot wait to get started with this phase of life, others are much more hesitant. The truth is that children who undergo teeth alignment will have more confidence and happiness in the future, and this confidence will radiate into other aspects of their lives. Traditional metal braces are undoubtedly the most popular form of braces, and with current technology, they are now more comfortable than ever before. Though today’s braces still involve metal wires and brackets, they are generally much smaller and less bulky than those of the past.

Metal braces are extremely common due to their affordability and true effectiveness. They are proven, reliable, and can be used to improve overbites, underbites, misalignment, cross bites, and many more “malocclusions” of the teeth and jaw. The wire and brackets work by putting pressure on the teeth and making them move as the arch wire guides movement and places slight pressure on the brackets. Adjustments must be made occasionally by an orthodontist and elastics are changed during each adjustment. Your child will have the opportunity to change colors and let their bright personality shine! Many younger patients find this to be the most exciting part of having braces as there are endless possibilities of color combinations and designs.

We loved our experience here for both of our kids’ braces. Dr. Lu was great with the kids and the treatment was straightforward and affordable. We’re grateful to have found First Impression!
— Olivia and Joel, Old Town Alexandria, VA

At First Impression Orthodontics, we make every effort to make sure that your child is happy and comfortable throughout the treatment process. We understand that many children may be anxious before obtaining braces, and we are here to make care as pleasant as possible to help give each child the straight, glowing smile they deserve. We look forward to our regular appointments and appreciate the trust you have placed in our team of experts.

For more information on metal braces for your child, contact our office to schedule an appointment today.

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