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Adult Orthodontics

Kids want to show off their braces and their colors! Adults, however, have a much different sentiment regarding orthodontic treatment. With fear that they are receiving treatment too late in life or that their smile will look unappealing to others, adults can feel very self-conscious about the decision to undergo treatment. This can cause many people to simply refuse the assistance they need to make their confidence soar and to receive the radiant smile they deserve.

Thankfully, new technology has developed over recent years and adult orthodontics is no longer the field it once was. Receiving treatment is now more economical and aesthetic than ever before! With options like lingual braces that sit behind your teeth, self-ligating braces for fewer trips to the dentist, and Invisalign to make you feel and look like you’re not wearing anything at all, receiving the care you need is no longer a difficult decision. Your personal choice can be made with the confidence that your treatment will not hinder your daily life and self-esteem.

Many adults feel that if they receive treatment, they will be one of the few adults to do so. After all, braces are for children, right? Wrong! The truth is that adult orthodontics is one of the fastest growing areas of dentistry. More people than ever are chasing straighter, whiter teeth much later in life than ever before due to dramatic changes in the field.

It’s never too late to look and feel your best. Call First Impression Orthodontics to schedule an appointment today and see which options are right for your child and you.

What drew me to First Impression were all the options Dr. Lu offered to correct my smile. I was able to customize my treatment without compromising quality. I’m so thankful to have finally gotten my teeth straight. Thank you, Dr. Lu
– Terrell, Belle Haven, VA
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