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Dr. Quoc Lu

About Dr. Quoc Lu

Born with a love of art, Dr. Quoc Lu enjoyed drawing through much of his childhood. Surrounded by computers, Dr. Lu also dove into the engineering and architecture design aspects of computer science. He believes that the study and practice of orthodontics involves both aesthetic design and empirical science in creating facial, skeletal, and dental harmony.

First Impression Orthodontics Is an Invisalign Platinum Provider

First Impression Orthodontics is proud to announce they’ve become an Invisalign Platinum Provider for 2018 and 2019! Dr. Quoc Lu at First Impression Orthodontics went from Gold + to Platinum last year in 2018. As an Invisalign Platinum Provider in Alexandria, Dr. Lu has accrued the necessary amount of experience to meet this designated skill [...]

By | May 30th, 2019|

What Are the Benefits of Orthodontic Headgear?

Headgear is a broad term for orthodontic appliances that strap around the head to exert pressure from outside the patient’s mouth. Although not every child or adult who has braces will need headgear, headgear is important for certain cases and has its benefits. What are the benefits of needing orthodontic headgear? Here’s how these appliances can help many [...]

By | May 23rd, 2019|

Can Cavities Form Under Dental Fillings?

Contrary to the belief of some, it is possible for cavities to form under dental fillings! Although dental fillings are designed to seal your tooth and protect your teeth, no dental filling material lasts forever. Whether you have silver amalgam fillings or composite resin ones, your filling will need to be replaced at some point. So why would [...]

By | April 3rd, 2019|

How Should I Brush My Teeth When I Have Braces?

Braces are one of the most effective ways to transform your natural smile into your dream smile. Although braces are beneficial, they can making brushing and flossing a little more challenging while receiving treatment. Cleaning your teeth well when you have braces will take more time, but will also be more important. Your wires and brackets create extra areas [...]

By | March 5th, 2019|

What Is the Average Treatment Time for Wearing Orthodontic Braces?

Getting braces can be an exciting time—you’re finally getting the smile you want! However, not everyone who gets braces is happy about their treatment. Many people ask how long the treatment will take before exploring orthodontic treatment options for their smile. Different types of braces will have different treatment times. Here’s what you can expect when it comes [...]

By | February 5th, 2019|

What Are the Major Causes of Crooked Teeth?

There are several major causes of crooked teeth that can impact your smile. Crooked teeth affect more than your appearance; they’re often responsible for tooth decay, jaw pain, and lack of self-confidence. What can cause crooked teeth in a person? The following are the four major causes of misaligned teeth. An article by Dr. Quoc Lu. Originally published by Your [...]

By | January 3rd, 2019|

How Do Straighter Teeth Promote Oral Health?

With over 4 million people in the United States alone receiving orthodontic treatment, it’s no surprise that people want straight teeth! Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for looks. Straight teeth actually encourage a healthy oral cavity, which means a reduced risk for numerous dental health issues—but why is this? Here are just a few reasons why straight teeth can [...]

By | December 6th, 2018|

What Are Treatment Options to Correct My Underbite?

Having an underbite is not only usually noticeable, it can also cause many different problems with your smile. These include problems eating or speaking, jaw pain, and uneven wear of your tooth enamel, which can cause tooth decay. The main cause of an underbite is usually genetic and not something that can be prevented, although in rarer cases [...]

By | November 7th, 2018|

What Are the Benefits if Early Orthodontic Treatment?

There’s a reason that the American Association of Orthodontics recommends your child get an evaluation by age 7. At this age, your child is still shedding their primary teeth and getting their permanent teeth in. Their mouths are growing and flexible. At this age, some orthodontic issues may be present, such as a bad bite and crooked or [...]

By | October 8th, 2018|