Dr. Quoc Lu will share his insight and new developments in orthodontics on his FIO Blog, and additionally is a regular contributing author on orthodontic and oral health topics and related content to the online dental publication, Your Dental Health Resource Magazine, which will be shared here as well.

(All articles re-published with permission of Your Dental Health Resource Magazine)

Keeping Your Teeth Beautiful and Straight After Braces

Getting your braces off is a hugely exciting time. All the treatment that you’ve gone through has paid off with a gorgeous straight smile! Now you get to see that smile after many months of [...]

Do You Have a Good Oral Health? Answer These Questions to Find Out!

Having good oral health is more than just brushing every day and flossing once in a while. Your mouth is an entire unit that requires regular care—both at-home and in the dentist’s chair! As we [...]

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How Invisalign Can Completely Transform Your Smile

Have you been putting off orthodontic work because you can’t stand the idea of having braces? You don’t have to give up the smile of your dreams just because braces aren’t for you. With Invisalign [...]

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We Appreciate Your Kind Words!

Patient satisfaction is the foundation of our practice, and these kind words mean a great deal to us. "First Impressions Orthodontics has exceeded all of my expectations. As someone with moderate dental anxiety, it took [...]

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The Best Halloween Treats for Your Teeth

It’s October again, a happy time for adults and children alike as they head out to trick-or-treat and enjoy the holiday festivities. However, dentists know that this time of year can wreak absolute havoc on [...]

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Eating With Braces: Pick This, Not That

Adjusting to braces can be a challenge! The teeth are often sore in the days that follow the application of braces or an adjustment. It’s essential to properly care for your braces throughout your treatment—not [...]

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