Dr. Quoc Lu will share his insight and new developments in orthodontics on his FIO Blog, and additionally is a regular contributing author on orthodontic and oral health topics and related content to the online dental publication, Your Dental Health Resource Magazine, which will be shared here as well.

(All articles re-published with permission of Your Dental Health Resource Magazine)

Orthodontic Treatment: Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Considering orthodontic treatment leaves many questions in your mind. Whether you’re considering braces for your child or for yourself, it’s never too late to correct alignment and bite problems and have the smile of your [...]

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We Love Our Patients – Shannon’s Kind Words

There's nothing more effective at putting smiles on the faces of Dr. Lu and his team that the kind feedback we get from our orthodontic patients and their families. We'd like to share the review [...]

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When Is Oral Surgery the Right Option?

Orthognathic surgery isn’t an option to be taken lightly. It’s a procedure only to be considered if you are a candidate, meaning that you have considerable problems due to your jaw structure. How do you [...]

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